Thank you for browsing our little spot in this big world wide web.  We are Mandy & Louis a husband and wife team born and raised in South Africa that moved to Cyprus in 2011 and now call it home.

We have been together for 25 years and still love each other deeply.  Marriage is one of the best part of our lives, sharing life's journey with your soulmate is priceless.  This is one of the reasons we love weddings.

We are free-spirited artists, dreamers & cat cuddlers.  We consume coffee like water and have a huge love for animals, especially cats.  Some call us the crazy cat people as we look after about a 100 cats and we talk to them like people.  We are homey people who loves being at home, mostly in our pj's and in our own space and time.

We are admittedly opposites but our differences are truly our strengths.

Some fun facts about us:

This is Louis

Louis is the silent type and talks when he feels it's needed.  He's a deep thinker with endless patience.

He is a master chef and does all the cooking but can't eat if he doesn't read an Archie comic.

He has a heart of gold and would go to the end of the earth for any person or animal that he cares about.

He never laughs at her jokes but secretly does believe she is funny.(not!)

He loves aeroplanes and always dreamt of being a pilot.

This is Mandy

Mandy is the bubbly type and talks a lot.  She is sometimes annoyingly positive and over thinks the world's problems.

She could easily live on ice cream and chocolates but loves Louis' cooking

She loves music from the 80's and boogies like a maniac when an 80's tune is blasting away.  Pair this with singing at the top of her voice and it's quite a show.

She always laughs at herself and finds most silly things hilarious.

She wishes she was a twenty-something in the hippie era.  She's all about peace, love and happiness.

Together we love family, clouds, sea, sunsets, old buildings, movies, music, & animals.   Our faith is an important factor in our lives and we are very grateful for the life God has given us.

Sharing in the joy, laughter & fun of a bride & groom on their wedding is an amazing feeling & honor. We are really blessed to call this our job!

We LOVE people and as photographers we meet the coolest people from all corners of the earth and we get to capture their moments in time.  Telling visual stories is our passion.

We are storytellers and would love to tell yours!