11 tips for the best bridal preparation photos

The most fun and exciting part, other than walking down the aisle, is getting ready with your girlfriends, sipping on Proscecco and having a good laugh.  We have put together 11 tips for the best bridal preparation photos and a stress-free wedding morning.

1. Have an early night

Try and get to bed early to avoid any baggies under the eyes the next day.  You want to look fresh for possibly the biggest day of your life. If the nerves and excitement are getting the better of you, try my favorite calming app, Calm.  

bride mirro

2. A clean and tidy space

The space/room where you are going to get ready should be clean and tidy.  This will also ensure prettier photos and video.

3. Organise your details & accessories

Make sure your dress, veil, wedding rings, jewellery, perfume, underwear, shoes, garter, and any other items you want captured are placed together in one spot.  It will make it easier for you to find and it will also be a big help for us to photograph/film all these thought out details.  Remember to remove all tags and stickers.  Lastly, a pretty dress deserves a pretty hanger.

bridal preparation
Bride details
4. What to wear while you are getting ready

Some brides opt for robes, rompers or pj’s for the entire bride squad – this makes an excellent bridesmaid gift.  However it’s not necessary to splurge on these if you are working on a budget.  Make sure the clothes are comfortable and loose enough that it won’t ruin your hair or makeup when you slip it off.

bride squad

5. Have a good breakfast

Don’t kid yourself.  Your wedding day is a busy day full of excitement and you are going to need your energy.  Even though you might be tempted to skip breakfast – don’t do it!  Fuel your body so you feel your best on this special day and avoid feeling dizzy or lightheaded.  With Prosecco and champagne flowing it’s a good idea to have food in your system first. It might be a good couple of hours before you can eat again.

6. Limit the number of people

Too many people can add stress to your day.  Besides bridesmaids and a few immediate family, we recommend that everyone else hang out with you after the ceremony.

7. Hair and Makeup

Makeup is done by the window light, so try your best to keep that area clear and ready for the makeup artist to work her magic.  Hair is usually done by the dressing table (if there is one in the area), so remove all clutter.  Once again it all helps for prettier photos and video.

bride getting ready

8. Good tunes

Having some of your favorite music during your getting ready is a great stress reliever and will ensure good vibes and fun atmosphere.  Create a playlist before the wedding day.

9. Time for the DRESS

We always recommend that the bridesmaids get dressed first so they can help the bride get into her dress and be all gorgeous for the photos and video.  If you have a button up dress, buy a crochet needle as it helps with doing those buttons.  If the dress is lace-up, the person who will be lacing you up should practice before the wedding as it does take some time.

bride getting dressed

10. The big reveal

The moment people see you in your dress for the first time is my favorite!  Usually the dad moments gets me all choked up.  We would like at least 20 minutes for the reveal moments, bridal portraits, photos with the bride squad and parents before we leave your room to go set up at the ceremony location.

dad-daughter moments

11. Enjoy every moment

By far the most important thing!  Have fun and enjoy being pampered and being surrounded by your besties.  KEEP CALM AND MARRY ON!

bride having fun