6 Tips to get WOW sparkler photos on your wedding day

Sparkler photos on your wedding day is a stunning idea!  It requires a bit of planning and organising to pull off a beautiful sparkler photo.  Some tips to get WOW sparkler photos on your wedding day:

1.  It has to be dark

Darkness is important to pull of gorgeous sparkler photos.  It won’t have the same feel if it’s not dark enough.  Bright spot lights or brightly lit area won’t be effective.

2.  Location is important

Where we shoot the photo is important, you want an area that is big enough for you and your guests to be able to line up or make a half circle.

wow sparkler photo

3.  The amount of sparklers

You should ideally have a sparkler for each guest at your wedding and for the bride and groom.  Designate someone to hand out the sparkler to each guest.

4.  Lighters

The BBQ lighters are the best to light sparklers.  If you could have a few of those to light them almost all at the same time.  You can light 3 – 4 sparklers per lighter.  Once a few are lit, they can light other sparkler with a sparkler.

sparkler photo tips

5.  Be safe

Be careful with very young children.  Make sure they have an adult with them to avoid any accidents.

6.  Walk slow and enjoy!

Don’t run down the sparkler aisle, walk slow and take in the moment.

wedding sparkler photobride and groom sparkler