Brides and Grooms biggest regret

Brides and grooms biggest regret is not having a wedding videographer.  I’ve done a little homework and way too many of brides and grooms regret the fact that they didn’t have a wedding videographer.

Couples usually book their photographer after they’ve secured their date and venue.  A photographer is never in question as you need a professional photographer to capture the magical moments of your big day.  However when it comes to a wedding videographer, couples often question if they need one as costs begin to stack up and the budget starts stretching.  They usually think “we won’t watch our video after the first time”.

Well I’m here to tell you having a video of your wedding day is worth gold.  In a few years when some loved ones have passed on, seeing them on screen is priceless.  It’s a keepsake you can show to your children and grandchildren one day.  A few of our clients say they sit and watch their wedding video on their anniversaries.

Top 3 reasons to have a wedding videographer:

1.  You get to relive moments of your wedding day.  It will show you moments that you’ve missed and remind you about all the feelings that you felt on the day.  The way you felt when you see yourself put on that gorgeous dress, when you see your reaction when you are finally declared as husband and wife.  You see all the joy & love that surrounded you from friends and family.

2.  Video adds a different dimension to photography. Photography is super important but to hear the talking and laughter is priceless.  You can hear your dads special words during speeches or the funny jokes the best man came up with.  You can see your first dance as husband and wife.

3.  You can share your wedding day with people that couldn’t attend your special day.  A great movie night with popcorn and maybe some champers.

To have a videographer film your wedding is a decision that is not for every couple, but for some, it could be the best decision you make.  Ask couples and they will tell you that their wedding day went so fast and most of it is a blur.  A wedding video of your wedding love story can make you feel part of that day again every time you watch it.

So think carefully about it and try to work it into the budget.

I’ve included 3 videos below but you can view more of our videos HERE