The wedding veil debate

Should I or shouldn’t I?

The wedding veil debate – You are having that magic moment when you have found your dream wedding dress for your Cyprus wedding. It fits perfectly and you feel like a real-life princess bride. Then the sales assistant in the boutique asks if you plan to wear a wedding veil. Veil or no veil, you ask yourself. For many brides, the question isn’t easy to answer. So let’s look at the sentimental, visual and traditional reasons why a veil might be a beautiful way to complete your lovely bridal look.

the wedding veil debate with brides and their veils

Without thinking about the tradition behind wedding veils (more on that later), a veil can evoke sentimental feelings of beautiful brides gliding down the aisle. There is something so dreamy, romantic and sweet about a soft wedding veil. In the past, most brides would keep their wedding dresses. These days many sell them online. But the veil is a lovely keepsake. It is easy to store and can even be made into something else.

brides and their veils
floating bridal veils

In the end, you need to decide if you like how a veil looks and if it’s important or expected for you to wear one according to your beliefs. If you are unsure, try one on and see how it feels. Many brides will wear the veil for the ceremony and remove it after the bridal party portraits are taken to feel more relaxed and free during the reception.

A wedding dress can make a beautiful statement all by itself. It really boils down to personal choice. Either way, you will have your fashion moment walking down the aisle to say “I do” to your soulmate and you WILL look amazing – with or without a veil.

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