Sara & Gary – Aphrodite Hills Wedding

Sara & Gary’s Aphrodite Hills wedding was the best way to kick off our wedding season in Paphos.  These beauties beamed with happiness, joy and love the ENTIRE day.  There was so much love for these two people from everyone that attended.  Just an absolutely perfect wedding day!

Their love story in their own words:

Sara and Gary met in their hometown in the local pub, “The rose and crown” where Sara was under the impression that the whole group would be out for drinks that night. As Sara walked through the door, she very quickly realised that there would be no other friends joining them that evening. Gary, dressed to impress, sat on the far table, one bottle of wine and two glasses, smiled and leaned in for a quick kiss on the cheek.

Four bottles of wine later, Gary suggested they gate crash the Westlife concert that his mum and sisters were attending. Sara agreed to the idea and off they went.  There were a few pub stops along the way.  Unbelievably two old ladies, even more intoxicated then Gary and Sara, were thrown from the MEN doors and offered the couple their tickets.  We’ll keep the rest of the night a secret but lets just say, they’ve been inseparable ever since.

6 years later, on Sara’s birthday, Gary proposed at their home in Ainsworth.  Planning started a few years later for their perfect Aphrodite Hills wedding.

Guys we wish you an amazing journey together filled with more of that happiness, joy and love!

Venue:  Aphrodite Hills Resort
Reception decor and setup: Jayne Pugh-Flowers by Design and Venue Decoration Cyprus

  • Emily Moore said:

    The pictures from the first look with her dad are just too precious!! I'm a sucker for crying pictures <3 This was such a beautiful wedding, I am just in love with every single detail! Also -- the Aphrodite Hills looks like an incredible venue for a wedding! Beautiful work!

  • Cara said:

    What a gorgeous wedding and couple! I am loving those portraits with the dramatic clouds behind them!

  • Jess said:

    I love their origin story! They seem like such a fun couple and so in love with each other. You captured their day beautifully!

  • Elizabeth said:

    What a dramatic first kiss shot! What a creative angle to be at. I love the bridesmaids dresses too. Gorgeous work

  • Kristy R said:

    LOVE Your attention to detail! Looks like a gorgeous venue and her dress was totally on point!

  • Hilary said:

    What a gorgeous wedding. I love the Grecian look of her dress. I really loved that you used their own words.

  • Emilyanne said:

    Oh my goodness her dress is beautiful! And the tones of this wedding are everything! Beautiful work.

  • Jennifer said:

    What a gorgeous wedding! I love the silver urns with the babys breath and her dress was perfect for that venue!!!

  • Jamie said:

    Wow, what a 'how we met' story! hahah! Love this album- her dress is divine! Congratulations to the newlyweds <3

  • STEVIE said:

    You captured their wedding so beautifully!!! and her dress.... STUNNING!!! The detail is amazing! Beautiful job!

  • Sarah M Holladay said:

    Wow, what a dreamy event!! their first date story is so awesome, I love that he had the guts to just go for it. The back of her dress is so intricate and beautiful and those clouds are so perfect! These images are simply stunning, what a gorgeous day!!

  • Alyssa Bouma said:

    This wedding is gorgeous! I adore her dress. you did a great job capturing their aphrodite hills wedding!

  • Sandi said:

    What a sweet couple. I laughed out loud at their concert mishap

  • Jessica said:

    You captured this wedding beautifully! I love your posing- the groom poses are perfect and the bride & groom posing as well. And you captured so many beautiful candids! Well done :)

  • Meghna Dixit said:

    Omg! This looks like a stunning wedding. Love the shots, the moments you captured, the location & the lighting. You are a fabulous photographer. Kudos to you!

  • Melissa Hirsch said:

    That's an amazing first date story! Congrats to them - what a beautiful day! And her dress is amazing.

  • Jennifer said:

    Oh my goodness, the details of this wedding are AMAZING! WHat a beautiful couple. You've captured their day perfectly!

  • This is such a beautiful wedding. The way you captured it makes me feel like i am there! Stunning!

  • April said:

    Oh my goodness! I love these wedding photos! Her dress is so pretty and I love all the genuine laughter captured throughout their day!!