A funtastic Israeli beach wedding

Shira & Amit

Shira & Amit’s wedding was our first ever Israeli beach wedding. It wasn’t our typical wedding day. We started the day capturing everyone chilling and having fun around the pool. Next up was time with the girls during bridal prep followed by groom prep. After both bride & groom were dressed we did a first look moment where it’s just the bride and groom seeing each other for the first time. Absolutely loved this touching moment and wish we did it more.

We proceeded to a few locations for some amazing photos and then it was time to head to the ceremony location on the beach. We loved the relaxed vibe of their ceremony with all the little traditions. After the ceremony it was party all the way – it’s been a while that we’ve seen a wedding party non-stop!! It was unbelievable!

Their love story in their own words:
We dated for almost a year when we where 20. Then we broke up. I flew to South America, he moved to work in a place far from home. During the years we kept in touch whilst living out our individual lives. 4 Years later we both traveled to India, met up there and traveled together. We have been together since then for over 5 years….and many more to come.

1. Why did you pick the venue/s that you chose?
We wanted a small wedding with our family and closest friends that will be more than a few hours. We wanted to have an endless wedding with our dear ones, that will be filled with love, laughter and pure happiness.

2. What was the biggest challenge you faced in planning your Cyprus wedding?
We had an amazing wedding planner company. Any concern or the smallest challenge we had, they found a way to make us feel happy and know that we are in good hands. But I can say that we were a bit concern about the photographers and makeup – that became the best choice ever! We had the best shooting experience and the pictures are wow! We couldn’t imagine anything more than that!

3. What inspired your wedding décor? Did you have a theme in mind?
Our wedding took place on the beach. We wanted to keep everything simple, combined it with the sea view and vibes . We used pastel colors, flowers and sea motives, seashell mainly.

4. What was your favorite part of the day? Does your spouse have a different favorite?
All of the day was perfect! We can say that we really enjoyed the photo shoot! We weren’t sure if we will feel comfortable but you made it so simple, natural and joyful.

5. Anything you would change if you could?
No, we will do everything the same! But a photographer and video that would be with us all the 3 days would have been nice.

6. Any advice for couples planning their Cyprus wedding now?
Book a good wedding planning company that will help you with all the organization and it’s not a must but visit Cyprus before your wedding.

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