10 years ago, we left our homeland South Africa for the safety and unspoken promise of a beautiful life in Cyprus.  A new chapter in our book of life.

We had to make a tough decision to leave our comfortable life in SA and start completely over in Cyprus.  At our age?  This was our first thought too! However after careful consideration and planning we decided to go for it.  As the Nike slogan goes “Just do it”! And we did! Our hopes and fears were sent up with a little prayer and we asked God for guidance and strength through it all.

We landed in Cyprus on the 16th of July 2011.  Hearts filled with excitement, anxiousness and curious of the unknown.  One thing was for sure.  We have arrived and we are here to stay.

Words escape me to explain what an amazing journey we’ve had the last 10 years.  Lots of ups, a few downs.  Mostly happy moments with a few sad ones too. We had to give it 110% every day to break into a market which is probably the most competitive on the island.  With over 9000 weddings per year on our small island the wedding industry is one hell of a serious business.

We made some incredible connections but also got a few closed doors – which was ok.  Life is not just roses and sunshine.  We kept our eyes focused on the end goal….creating memories and giving people timeless keepsakes to look back on forever more.

We did a freakishly insane happy dance when we booked our first wedding! From there onward we have been very blessed with many clients that entrusted their special days in our hands.  Not once, have we looked back and thought we shouldn’t have done this but have had plenty thoughts of we should have done this sooner!

THANK YOU to all who has been part of our journey.  A journey of meeting so many people from all walks of life, being part of huge celebrations and as a result living out our passion.

To all the friends we’ve made and are still making – YOU GUYS ROCK!!!  Thank you for your amazing support.  And a big shout out to our family – you guys have been our pillars of strength and kept us strong!

We are now living our dream life with our 100 cats that we’ve adopted along the way.  One big happy family!

Here’s to many more years creating loads more memories and meeting amazing people!

Ps:  To all newbie photographers….never give up on your dreams!

Live. Love. Photograph.

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