Tips if you need to reschedule your wedding

Hey friends.

We were hoping that the next blog post would be on our brand-new website. It’s been 4 weeks in the making but as it’s crazy times right now in the world we wanted to write down some thoughts. They might be totally random so just bear with me.

So it’s been a week since Cyprus went on lock down. A week since our world and many Cyprus brides & grooms worlds got turned upside down. Not to mention people who are worrying about vulnerable family members and battling to keep safe and keep their kids safe. Thoughts go out to those who contracted the virus as well. We pray for a full recovery!

Louis and I went from “2020 is going to be the most amazing year” to “what the hell is happening in the world”. Social distancing is not a problem for us as we are hermits anyway. Our main concern, as small business owners, who rely solely on weddings in Cyprus, is that our business survives this pandemic. However we have faith that things will work out. Health wise we are super careful and due to the fact that I(Mandy) have a compromised immune system I don’t leave the house. Louis has been so amazing and doing all the shopping and still goes and feed our cat colonies all by himself – What a gem! Can I get a WHOOHOO for this amazing soul of a man?

We’ve been in touch with so many of our brides during the last week and I have to give a HUGE shout out to how positive they are all handling rescheduling their weddings. Most of our April brides have rescheduled their weddings to later in the year and we THANK YOU for that. I know it’s not easy rearranging everything but knowing your day can still happen on this sunny island is what gives them strength and courage to push through this nasty situation.

Another positive is the commitment from all the Cyprus wedding suppliers to help you still have your amazing Cyprus wedding. As a community we are all committed to do our part to ensure your day can still happen – absolutely amazing to see that we are all on the same page and put our clients above all else.

Here are some TIPS that might help you if you need to reschedule your wedding:

  1. Plan don’t panic

It’s probably easier said than done but calmness is what will get you through this and help you think clear headed on what the next steps are. Lean on your partner, family and friends should you need help. Don’t read rumors but only rely on confirmed, official announcements.

  1. Get in touch with your venue, wedding planner and suppliers

The starting point to reschedule your wedding is to get in touch with your venue, wedding planner & vendors and find out their availability . Make a list of all the dates and check the common dates that your vendors are free. This should help narrow down your options. If you’ve planned & booked the entire wedding through a planner your planner will do this for you. Trust me; every single wedding supplier is doing their absolute best to make sure your day still happens.

  1. Communicate to your guests

Get in touch with all your guests and let them know of the new proposed dates so they can also make the necessary changes/arrangements.

  1. Remember what it’s all about

Your wedding day is about you! It’s  about the love you have for each other and the commitment you are about to take as husband and wife.

We are all in this together and weathering this storm together. The main thing is to take care of yourself and each other. Catch up on some Netflix, time with your kiddies and time with your partner. Social distancing is there for your protection and with Facetime and Skype you can be in touch with loved ones as much as you want.

Feel free to get in touch with us – even if it’s just to vent or release a bit of emotion.

Sending love and light to all. Stay safe & stay informed.